I Write to Remember

Hello World,

My last post I wrote about my boyfriend leaving Tanzania in a post called I Love You, So Go. Then, unceremoniously, I left this blog as well.

It's hard to write when you don't know where to start. 
It's also hard to write when you have so much to say, that saying nothing is almost easier.
But ironically, I've craved posts from some of my favorite bloggers, many of whom have also fallen out of regular posting patterns and shrugged back into isolation from the public scope because they're off having kids or writing books for publishers (which is all well and great!) but that's not why I ever started blogging. 

I write to remember. I write to document my life for the same reason I take a million pictures, and use Instagram and Facebook to place markers of my own history. I do this because I tend to forget. I forget the large and the small. I forget the details, I forget the scenery, I forget what I felt in the moment. Blogging helps me remember, the same way going through my own pictures, my own history, reminds me of the many paths I've taken.

  It is my own biography, written with my ever-changing voice. It is not necessarily a travel blog, or a lifestyle blog, but the intersection of travel & my life, interspersed with emotions + the occasional life update. 

A snap from this week, where I happen to be in Slovenia writing this post

I updated the blog's template (shout out to 17th Avenue designs on Etsy!) and realized that the About Me I've been using for 6 years is still 100% accurate, but I added quick one sentence update with all the juicy updates of the last year (more on B&B later!).

This is it. There's so much to share -- but let's just begin and see where it leads.