My Dog Might Actually Be A Cat

Hey world,

So...I know you met Bruce Wayne a few months ago. He's now almost 9 months old (6 months living with me!), and has grown like a mostly-bones-no-fat kind of weed. 

But, as he's developed and grown into his personality from the sleepy, indifferent little pup I picked him up as, it's become more and more obvious...I think my dog is actually a cat.

BW - in all of his glory.

Here's 5 reasons why BatDog might actually be CatDog...

1. He can stretch like Gumby.

Seriously -- isn't that unnatural?! This is a regular occurrence. 

Exhibit B:

2. He is indifferent to most things happening around him.

This was taken when he realized I creeped up on his snooze spot -- a nest of dried leaves in our backyard. 

Exhibit B:

We are on a walk, and while the goat looks terrified, BW didn't even notice!

3. He is always scheming ways to come inside.

At the window, at the door; if you're nearby, he's right there with you, trying to get in. He's now even taller than when this photo was taken, so his snout fits right through the bars!

Clearly, Bruce is not an outside dog. 

4. He puts serious effort into sleeping. 

Here, I am watching a riveting performance on this season's The Voice. Meanwhile, BW is snoring away. At one point, he even used his paw to pause my show...probably so his z's wouldn't be as interrupted!

He also puts a lot of effort into waking up...there's stretching and yawning and whining.
I usually get out of the bed before he is even awake!

5. He stringently believes lick-baths are the only path to cleanliness.

Just look at that face! I had just did the worst thing a cat/dog-mom can do...give him a nice warm water bath! Following this, he ran outside and scrubbed himself with every article of dirt he could find.

But regardless of his animal species, he's a fantastic pet!