My Next Travel Destination!

Hey World,

It recently came to my attention that I have a week of vacation to take in September...and yes, I mean like THIS month September. While I have more than 3 weeks of vacation each year, our office is closed only three weeks a year, so most of the staff choose to utilize this time to take (at least part of) their vacation [mostly because the office is closed so I can't work anyways].

The question then was: Where should I go?

While I wouldn't mind doing some internal travel around Tanzania, I could also use shorter breaks or long weekends to do that (++ in-country travel will very soon be part of my job). Therefore, it's time for my first international travel destination!

I had a couple of line items:

1. I wanted to spend next-to-nothing on travel costs
2. I wanted to go to a country I had never been to before
3. I wanted somewhere conducive for backpacking
4. I wanted to plan the whole thing in less than two weeks


After a little bit of research and consideration, I'll be heading to my close neighbor 


Because time is short and Malawi is L-O-N-G, I'm limiting myself to just explore the Northern region on this trip. In doing so, I'll be less than a day's trip back to the Tanzanian border, within close proximity to a handful of national parks/reserves, AND some great small towns and beautiful beaches that all border Lake Malawi!


While this trip sprung itself on me rather quickly, I am thrilled to be able to get my passport out and my travel on so soon! Malawi is raved about in backpacking circles and has some great affordable accommodations (including waterfront views!) that I can't wait to share more about. It's also my first solo trip, so I'm pretty thrilled to see how that goes as well!

And of course, I'm excited to be able to share the results of my adventures with you all in just a few weeks!


PS: Have you been to Malawi / know anyone who has? I'm always open for suggestions for places to eat, sites to see, and can't-miss trails to hike!

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