Home, Now.

Hey world,

The sun set in Harlem today and the colors of the sky drift from blues to a whitewash of pastels to darkness. Again. 

I push my nose against the glass and scrunch my eyes towards the sky.
Not a single star. I sigh, and drag myself back to my computer. 

I talked to a friend from my year in Tanzania for over an hour today. I curled up on the couch under my blanket while we chatted, and I couldn't help but think of the days where we would talk in Tanzania and it would be a game of continuous phone tag. Where we would talk about what we were cooking for dinner and the best ways to avoid the rain and make time pass faster and update one another on our water supplies as I kicked around some dirt outside of my house and covered one of the hundreds of tiny anthills that sprung up each morning. 

It made me miss kicking my Toms shoe around in the dirt. It made me contemplate making some beans for dinner...until I remembered how much I hate beans. It made me miss being somewhere that wasn't here.

Thanksgiving just came and went. Christmas is just 25 days away.

I've been home for almost six months, but days like this make Tanzania feel so familiar that I could have left yesterday and not known any better. 

That travel bug is itching and itching and itching, but I know better than to let myself be tempted. Another six months to go before I can even consider leaving the country...I need to start saving. 

Harlem is home now.
Having no stars outside is home now.

I miss home now.