Being Married (3 Months In)

Hey World,

How is it possible that this coming Saturday will be three months of marriage?
If all of the months fly this fast, we'll be celebrating three years in no time.

Celebrating about one hour of marriage here        Photo Credit: Jen Hudson Photography

I still haven't shared much about our wedding yet, which means I've been hesitant to share what being married feels like because I really do like to post items in order.

But I also like to be bold, so here it goes!

Being married 
means there's someone else at home to take over that breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you were really hoping to get off of the couch and make for the both of you if you could find the energy...

 Being married is the feather-light relief that settles into your mind and your heart which reminds you that you will never have to face anything alone ever again (unless you really want to).

Being married is spending over an hour to decide what movie to watch, don't pick a single one in order to go to bed before 10pm to read your books on a shared pillow instead, because it never was about watching a movie anyways.

Being married is bringing your vows and your wedding readings to life, into the day to day. (and in the new year, I'll share both our handwritten vows & selected readings, I promise!)

Being married, according to BG, is spending a lot of time looking at one another while sitting in the same room, and not finding it strange at all that it seems like a perfectly normal thing to do.

Being married is reminiscing a lot about "before" the wedding (oh, the memories!), the wedding (oh, the memories!), before taking on hefty topics about what's to come (and when, and how much it's going to cost, etc.).

Being married feels a lot like not being married, if you are already in love with your best friend and try to spend every waking minute with them to soak in their life and their love and their hopes and their fears and their ideas and their quiet moments and can't imagine any other way to spend your time. 

and finally,

Being married is the confidence that rests in your heart when you look over at your partner and truly believe that you could pick a point anytime in your future, and know that at the very least, one thing will remain constant. 

I love this candid my Dad took of us just after the wedding ceremony, it gives me the tingles!
Here's to the next three (weeks, months, years, decades)!



  1. So beautiful Marisa! Congratulations on your wedding ��
    Gwyn Oakley

    1. Thank you Gwyn! I also love that we share an anniversary! All the best to you and the rest of the family - it's been a long time!

  2. congratulations, Marisa. Your dad showed me the wedding photos when he was in LA. beautiful. and so very happy for you.