You Can Be Anything (or Your Mom Voted for a "Nasty Woman")

Hey Little One,

Years ago, there was a close presidential election. It was in the year 2016, back when you were just a little tiny wish in my heart. In that year, for the first time ever, a woman was nominated by a major party to run for President of the United States. She was the first one in the history of America

I know that might sound crazy to you. But in 2016, we were back in the past! It wasn't common for women to hold all of the same jobs that men had, even though women had made lots and lots and lots of progress and had almost every job you could imagine. 

That woman's name was Hillary Clinton. She was a mom, just like me, and a grandmom, just like your Nonna & Honey. In her life she had done all sorts of things -- she had been a lawyer, she worked for non-profits and helped fundraise lots of money to help kids like you. And she served our country as a politician and a First Lady for many, many years, where she visited people all across America and the world. 

During her work, she faced hard times and hard decisions, just like everybody does. She didn't always get the answer right or make the right decision. Nobody does. But she kept on going because she was brave. She ran for president in 2008, but didn't win. So she kept on serving our country, and waited until she had a chance to run again.

She was famous for trying to break through the "glass ceiling". That's what we used to call the invisible wall that women faced when they tried to make it to the top job but couldn't. It took her many years and many votes, but she made it. She broke the ceiling, and the balloons poured down like confetti. I'm so glad you live in a world without glass ceilings.

Photo Credit: Luke Vargas

I'm telling you all of this because this was an amazing time in our country's history, and a really important time in your mom's life. Your Nonna taught me growing up that women could do anything. Hillary showed me that it really was true -- even if some people called her a "Nasty Woman" for trying.

Nonna taught me that women are smart, and they are beautiful on the inside, and they are caring, and they give love to others. She showed me that women give good hugs and cook delicious food and work hard and read books and study. She taught me that women take chances and apply for any job they want and can travel the world. She showed me that women can yell and cry and scream and dance and sing and burp and sniffle and whisper and sing in the shower. And your Nonna taught me that women don't give up. They don't give up when the going gets tough, and they don't back down when the coast is clear. And she showed me that when we are in the best of times, or the worst of times, women stick together -- that there's always someone ready to fly to the moon and back with you.

So when I saw Hillary was running in the election to be the first woman president, and show little ones like you that girls really can be anything like Nonna taught me, I voted YES!

As you grow up, I want you to be everything Nonna taught me women could be. 
You can be brave. You can reach beyond your limits. You can speak up (and shout!).  
You can study whatever you want, go wherever you want, and love whoever you want.  
You can feel safe, knowing you always have a community of women that supports you to the moon and back.
As long as you are honest, and be your best self -- you can be anything you want to be, even president of the United States.

And if someone calls you a nasty woman, when you're really just being a woman, just send them on over to me. 


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