Meet Mr. Wayne: My New #1 Man

Dear World,

Today is the two-month anniversary of my adoption of Bruce Wayne.

On our initial 10 hour car ride home -- Hi Bruce! 

It was a hard decision to make, but yes,  I have another dog.
 And yes, he is named after Batman (thanks to the BF). He also goes by #BatDog.

 I needed a dog with a tough-guy name, and what's more tough than an homage to Bruce Lee, Bruce Willis, and Batman? Not much. So, Bruce Wayne it is. He looks a bit dopey, but he also looks 100% like a survivor -- exactly the kind of dog I need.

Bruce is a wonderfully lazy counterpart. He enjoys snoozing on anything and everything, and the occasional walk/jog around the neighborhood. But mostly are just a handful (of many) photographed testaments of that:

Bruce hates baths / smelling like apples and being near moving vehicles (phew!), loves bones and having his belly scratched, and is indifferent about: visitors, goats, cows, being outside, eating people food, seeing himself in the mirror, and taking pictures with me.





He is as dark as night, with big paws, too-long legs, and floppy ears. He's almost doubled in size/length in the past 60 days, and I expect him to outgrow his cousins within the next two.

Then: the week before I picked him up (when we first met)

Now: legs for days!

He's almost big enough to go on adventures -- stay tuned (and keep snoozing).


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