Clean Slate-ing The House

Hey World,

Do you ever look around your house, and see all of the "what ifs" and "when I have time"s?

I decided last Thursday when I was preparing my monthly mantra, NO MORE! So I walked around the house at 11 o'clock that night with a critical eye-ball and wrote down all of the clutter-tasks I've been saving up like a squirrel hoarding nuts for winter.

Then I set aside a couple of hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, setting my intention each day to: get as much done in the prescribed time as possible (with some husband help included!).

What we accomplished: 

In the Bedroom:
* Simplify my bedside table (motivation: here!)
* Categorize the book shelves in our bedroom & office
* Assemble all unwanted books to the book sale pile
* Clean our fan blades (my gosh, the dust I found!)
* Put away all clean clothes
* Re-fold all clothes in my closet
* Put away the remainder of holiday break luggage into the right rooms

In the Kitchen:
* Organize the two shelves underneath the island
* Straighten up all spices & throw away almost-empties
* Straighten up all dry consumables & throw away almost - empties
* Thaw & de-ice the freezer
* Return borrowed oven pans to our neighbor's house!

In the Office: 
* Drop off paintings to a local artist to get them tacked onto frames & ready to hang
* Organize my card drawer in my desk
* Organize my electronics door in my desk
* De-clutter the top of my desk

In the Living Room: 
* Buy chalk for our chalkboard
* Write a new quote up on our chalkboard for 2017!
* Wrap up the new vines onto the beams in the sun room
* Re-plant the pot in the living room with a living plant (...yikes!)

I didn't get everything done, but I made a huge dent in the list -- so I'm pretty proud of that! Is it too early in the year to have this count as spring cleaning?


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