What Your Walls Are Made Of

Hi world,

There's nothing I love more than a great Ted (or Tedx) talk.

This particular talk from TedxBoulder has been shared like wildfire this week after appearing on Upworthy -- and I think it has a great, relevant message for everyone.

Ash Beckham talks about coming out of closets. Not literally, of course, but the proverbial closets that we all seem to find ourselves inside of time and time again: when we know truths about ourselves, yet we are afraid to admit them to the world.

Our closets could be hiding anything...but most of all, they hide ourselves.


The video is 11 minutes long, and worth every second. In fact, I watched it twice.

And while you're watching, think about your own closets. Think about how closets come into being, how they trap you in, and how powerful it is to open the door.

Being open and honest about who we are and what we want out of life is so, so important. It's not an easy thing to do -- but Ash reminds us that it might be hard but it'll be worth it


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