The World's A -Game

Hey world,

I saw what you did there. 

I noticed that you pulled the rug right from under me once I got in my groove and had everything under control. I noticed how you tried to make me nervous; how you tried to throw everything into the air and see if I could catch it all in my basket-with-the-hole-on-the-bottom while standing on one leg and blindfolded. I noticed how you gave me bronchitis the weekend my mom got here before I entered my last few weeks of the semester. 


Well, did you notice that despite losing almost a week of quality breathing I bounced back, only missing one day of work and one class, while still completing all of my assignments ahead of schedule?

Did you notice that even though you took away some days I was hoping to use to work on final projects, I was able to rearrange my schedule, and I'm back on track without being too stressed?

Did you notice that I never got nervous? That I knew that I could handle the pressure?

You brought your A-game, world. But I brought mine too.


In the next three weeks, a lot of things are going to happen, pretty much simultaneously.
I will be standing in the eye of the storm -- but now I'm as ready as I could ever be!


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