The Day My Heart Exploded

Hey world,

It is with great excitement that I share with you this particular love story: the day my heart exploded.

You see, this past weekend, I drove out to a small village called Muwimbi, met one of our staff members, and headed down, down, down to a small house perched on the cusp of a valley. There I saw six tiny puppies, three of which fit my criteria of being both male and having [most if not all] black fur.  In that instant, I knew that I would be back the next day to collect one. 

There were two that had black and brown fur, and one that was entirely black with white booties. The first two were relatively healthy and jumping around; Mr. Boots was quiet, timid and had the world's biggest belly [lots of worms] - it was clear he was the runt of the litter.

Of course, I collected Mr. Boots the next day, wrapped him up in a kanga [East African fabric], and bestowed upon him the name Gus Muffin.

The first day was a lot of bathing -- scrubbing off dirt and fleas and trying to force-feed him a deworming pill. Gus refused to eat or drink, and spent most of the time taking big ol' huffy breaths. I was pretty sure he was trying to die on me.

But within 24 hours, there was a drastic difference. He followed me everywhere. He whined when I left. He ran around with the other dogs. He lapped up bowl after bowl of milk, and housed a plate of rice.

He wouldn't fall asleep unless his kanga was next to my pillow on the floor so he could see me, and I could pet him as he drifted off to sleep.

Our love story began.

What's crazy is as soon as I saw Mr. Muffin, I knew he was The One.

He's the man I've been looking for for the past two years. He is the one I want to shower with love and affection, the one I want to snuggle with as I read a good book, the one whose eyes will speak volumes to me during my bad days.

I have never fallen harder, faster.

Dear world,
Gus Muffin is my world.


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