Packing for Permanent: Feet First

Hey world, 

For anyone who knows me, you probably know that I own a lot of shoes. Like, a lot. And that’s after donating over 50 pairs of heels, boots and flip flops over the course of the past couple of years. So, there’s nothing more depressing than realizing that my lovely high heel collection (which rarely sees the light of day) will continue to lose light, as well as a number of other shoes which really have no place making the one way trip to Tanzania.

As I start to pack mentally and literally for my move, I decided the best way to approach the situation is from the bottom up. So, this week, I’ve decided to tackle the shoe and sock question before moving on to the numerous other packing dilemmas I’ll face.

For shoes, it’s best to keep it as simple as possible. Flip flops are so easy to come by in Tanzania, I’ll probably only bring one pair to get me started.

 I’ve just ordered three pair of Toms, which are my favorite close-toed multi-purpose shoe. When I was living in NW Tanzania, I wore through 2 pairs over the course of ten months. I’m hoping with a tad less harsh conditions, three pairs will last me at least one year.

On the close-toed shoe train, I’ll also be bringing my sneakers and my trustworthy Converse from the 8th grade.

To round it out, a pair of rain boots (This girl’s going into the mud!) and my hiking boots (because….hiking), two pairs of wedge heels (I’ve got to be stylish sometimes!) and one pair of ballet flats for formal work occasions. 

Alright, so I just tallied those and that’s 11 pairs of shoes – is that acceptable or too many? I might be able to get away with just 9 pairs…we’ll see how it goes when the whole pile of to-go stuff is together.

And for the rest of my beautiful shoes -- at least half of them will be reaching the end of their time spent in my possession and moving on to new loving owners, and the rest will be stored for now.

As for socks...I think I have enough pairs already, which is great, because that means I don't need to buy anything else this week!

Have a great weekend, see you next week!


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