What My Psychic Said

Hello World, 

I was in Washington DC this past weekend saying goodbye to some of my closest friends from college, and I thought it would be the perfect time to stop by a psychic* that one of my friends has visited a handful of times to get a palm reading done ($5 special!) and see what she thinks is happening/going to happen in my life. 

*I should note that I have never been to a psychic before, so this was a first and another "pushing limits" experience for me!

I dragged my best friend K along, and when the door opened, I shoved her inside first. (What if something bad happened? ….so much for facing my fears or being a good friend). Her session was short and sweet, and I was far less afraid to face my future after she came out looking calm and unscathed. I mean, how bad could my future be anyways?

Clearly I didn't really think about what I should expect because she could have easily said that my life was spiraling into a nightmare and to hold onto my hat. But she didn't (thank goodness!).

 Here's what she said:

- I'll live until 89 years old
- I already have met my soulmate
- Whoever I like now is NOT my soulmate
- but I won't start dating them until 1 year and 4 months from now
- and then a year later I will start my family
- I will have 4 kids; 3 girls and 1 boy
- In three months I am going to leave my job...for an even better opportunity
(may or may not require moving)
- Most of the hardships in my life are already behind me
- I will do best if I leave my past in my past

Well, that's about it...other than I hope almost none of it is true!

I, of course, cannot even fathom up a "better opportunity" to the job that I will be starting later this month, so unless Chelsea Clinton needs a full-time nanny for her impending first child or I've been slated for the next UN Secretary-General, I think I'll be staying right where I'm going....thank you very much!

Also...four kids is a lot of kids. I'm not saying I don't want kids, but four sounds aggressive. How do you even move around with four kids? I would need an industrial-sized vehicle for the rest of my life! So I'm also hoping that's not true.

And I've met my soulmate? WHO IS IT? Is it my favorite waiter at Nandos Peri Peri in Washington, DC? Someone I met in college but didn't like? Someone I waved to out my window on a roadtrip? THIS IS TOO STRESSFUL -- SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! Men in my life, be warned: You may or may not be starting a family with me within the next 3 years (or less).

So that's that. It happened, things were said, and hopefully, not everything in life is propelled by fate, so there's still a chance that she's wrong. Or maybe now that she said it, it'll unconsciously come true. Maybe I shouldn't have blogged about it in order to remember it all...

In better news, while I was in DC I picked up a record-breaking number of pennies and dimes, and I am certain that the fact that this was hanging outside of the psychic's office was a sign that it was worth doing.

And as one of my closest friends said after I fretted over my apparent future brood of children and possible job-quitting: "I believe that your future is what you make it". Which is really what this blog is all about: expanding your horizons and making conscious decisions to live the life you want. 

Have you ever been to a psychic? What might be in store for your future? 


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