36 Hours in Istanbul: Part One

Hey World,

I'm still working on a text-based post about my time in Istanbul, but I also wanted to share some of the 300+ photos I took while I was there (and captions to help)!

Enjoy :)



First stop? Istanbul's Spice bazaar!

Lunchtime snack: Kunefe (fried dessert cheese with ground pistachios on top)

Grand Bazaar!

Found a 'secret' Han for lunch! :)

Yup - turkish meatballs (kofta)!

And then the temptation drew me near...

But I opted for a sidewalk Turkish tea instead!

Sunset outside the Blue Mosque

...and freezing outside of Hagia Sophia

Which led to a breakdown of my abilities to resist...#travelfail

A walk across Galata Bridge

Famous seafood junkboat-restaurants near Galata Bridge

Hagia Sophia at sunrise

A furry man of faith at the Blue Mosque

Hagia Sophia - tickets purchased!

Here begins my obsession with their obsession with beautiful ceilings. 

Note to travelers: don't have people wearing gloves take your picture for you. 

Inside Hagia Sophia

Ticket to: Basilica Cistern

The best rotisserie chicken I've had in years! (Spice Bazaar food stall find)

Tour of the Blue Mosque!

Ticket to: Topkapi Palace

But really guys, these ceilings!

The most loaded baked potato ever = genius. 

Mr. Baklava at Hafiz Mustafa. 

Hafiz Mustafa - dessert for my last dinner!

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