The Year of Expansion: 2015 Up Front

Hey World,

It took me awhile to land on a theme for this year. 

2014 was the year of pushing limits, and after nearing an unhappiness breaking point, I made a lot of big changes, and currently find myself living the dream. 

Which means I need bigger dreams, and new goals. But it also means that it's pretty hard to think of additions I want to make in my life, because I'm already there. So, I came up with the following goals, which I hope to reflect on throughout the year to keep me on task, and will expand upon the things that make me happy. 

1. Visit at least FOUR new countries. 

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that it allows me the opportunity to see the world as a reward for working hard. So for as long as I work where I do, I want to spend as much of my vacation time as possible visiting corners of the world I haven't explored yet. 

Loosely on the agenda for this year? Ethiopia + Switzerland + a few surprises :)

Hopefully, with some careful planning and utilization of long layovers I can visit more than four, but it's always great to have achievable goals! 

If you're interested, you can check out my travel wish list from last year here

2. Try 52 new recipes.

I started to look for new recipes online during the last few months of 2014, and I found myself realizing that there are SO many things I can make, even living in Tanzania, that I have never tried before!

Once I get started, I'll put up a blog post that I regularly update with a list of the recipes, and maybe even some pictures!

3. Finish my MA thesis by June, 2015.

One of the promises I made myself was that I would finish my MA program; despite moving away from NYC, and despite not loving my program. All that stands between me and a degree is a 60 page paper...and in the next six months, come hell or high water, that paper is being written!

4. Watch my expenses more closely.

It's so easy to lose track of how much money I spend here because of reimbursements, automatic payments and because receipts, by and large, don't exist. 

This year I want to budget out my day-to-day expenses more carefully to make sure I have enough for small adventures, international travel, and any unforeseen expenses. Plus it's a good habit to have!

5. Less screen, more green.

A lot of work hours are spent in front of a computer. It's so easy to come home and not leave the screen some more, so I can stream television shows or movies to unwind or before bed. However this year, I want to spend more time outside; especially when the sun is out.

I'm always happier when I have a good tan anyways :)

6. Love my naked self. 

Health-related resolutions are cliche, and are hard to commit to for twelve months, so this is what I came up with instead.

Whatever it takes to love me, I'm going to do!


What are your resolutions for 2015?


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