A Brief Hiatus

Hey World,

If you've followed along on my blogging adventures, you'll know that every few years, I completely re-invent myself. 

It first started back in 2009 with They Call Me the Golden Child for much of college, then I shifted to Tanzania 365 in 2012 when I learned I would be moving to Tanzania to teach for a year. In late 2013, I re-branded as A Path Unpaved, where I've mediocrely documented my life in NYC & back in Tanzania.

I think you can guess where I'm going with this...

It's time for something new. My hallmark birthday is coming up (27!), I'm married, and I'm becoming more and more certain that the greatest adventures of my life haven't even begun. At the same time, I'd like to move into a more structured lifestyle blog to capture all of the things: being married, traveling, being a woman at work, chasing happiness, trying new recipes, what I love reading...you know, everything. 

I'm really excited to put together (what I hope is my final iteration) and launch in the next couple of weeks -- stay tuned! 


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