Dear World #3

Hey world,

How is it Sunday again already? The weeks just seem to be flying by -- next weekend will bring with it my one month in-country anniversary!

Anyways, it's time for another Dear World letter! As a reminder, I would love to share your Dear World letters, so if you're interested, just email me your letter + pictures to and I'll post it with my letter for the upcoming week!


Dear World,

Thank you for warm greetings. For sincere handshakes and shoulder bumps and high fives and show-all-teeth smiles. Thank you for sincere questions about how I woke up, my home, my family, my day, and my work. Thank you for people who care enough to ask every time we meet.

Thank you for adorable children in track suits. Thank you for energies and feelings and conversations that transcend the spoken word. Thank you for the many children that make my heart explode every time I find myself in Ipogolo.

Heart explosion #1
Heart explosion #2
Heart explosion #3
Thank you to my core: for putting up with increasing intensity + time crunch workouts -- in just three weeks I can now do 10 minutes of crunches without stopping or my back hitting the floor! Thank you for allowing me to push my limits and not break myself in the process.

Thank you for things that comfort: a grilled cheese sandwich dipped in buffalo sauce; a warm comforter to tuck me in at night, a song that reminds me of good memories, for messages from friends that say 'I miss you'.

Finally, thank you for the warm sunshine that wakes me up slowly in the mornings. And the warm sunshine that warms me up after a knackering few hours in the office. And the warm sunshine that greets me on my walk home from work, and reminds me that the day is not yet over. It's amazing what a hot ball of fire that lives 92 million miles away can do.


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