Dear World #1

Hey World,

A few months ago I posted this photo on my Instagram: 

and ever since then, I've realized just how important Sundays are for doing just that. It's the one day each week that gives us time to compose oneself, reflect about oneself, and tying the loose strings together in preparation for another week on this planet. 

Two of my favorite blogs have been known to host a series of thank you/reflection posts once a week [he Bliss List on Rock Your Bliss, and Dear Life on So Many Places* (summer 2013)], and I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful if I also did the same? 

So, I'm starting Dear World, which I hope to post most Sundays each month. I'm also going to be open for submissions -- I would love it if you wanted to add a letter! You can just email your letter (and pictures if you'd like!) to and I will respond with the date in which you'll be featured. Or, if you'd like to post a Dear World on your own blog, send me the link so I can share it! 


Marisa R.
Iringa, Tanzania
August 3rd, 2014

Dear World,

Thank you for the gentle breeze that follows me around this town. It reminds me that life remains fluid, ever-moving, and equally graceful and demanding. 

Thank you for Gertruda, the little girl who kept me company yesterday night in the home gym after a rough day. Sometimes a little bit of silent companionship is all you need. 

Thank you for ABBA. When frustration sets in and you're running late to an important meeting, and the only 3 songs you can listen to are Dancing Queen, Take A Chance on Me, and Mama Mia for the next hour down a bumpy dirt road, you can't help but smile and sing along. 

Thank you for manageable pain. For sore limbs and sore stomachs, for headaches and nausea for reminding me that like all things, this too shall pass. 

Thank you for people who share their struggles in the hopes that others can benefit from their reflection. Thank you for being able to be there for friends you've never met. Thank you for words that mean more than words. 

Finally, thank you for the chance to dive into the unknown head-first without hitting the bottom. I could not be more grateful that, when it matters most, you protect me. 



Looking forward to seeing some of your submissions in the next coming weeks! :)

*featuring my first thank you list in July 2013! 

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