Just Say Yes: #OffTheGrid in Mbeya

Hey world,

As I mentioned in Sunday's Dear World letter, I took an absolutely spontaneous trip to Mbeya this past weekend -- meaning I found out and decided less than 45 minutes before the car was leaving that I was in!


The thing about my travel style is that I am almost never spontaneous. When I travel, I like to have everything researched in advance. I like to know where I want to go and what I can do there and what the cost should be and what I can expect. I like to look at websites and read reviews and travel blog posts and paint a mental picture before I see it for myself. Because of this, I often find myself to be the Trip Master.

This past weekend turned all of that on its head.

The first reason was that I was not the Trip Master. The second was that I thought to myself: what if I don’t plan for a single minute? What if I don’t google anything on my phone? What if I just let plans find me, and live on a whim for a couple of days?

So I did just that.

As a result, I found myself lounging by a poolside at sunset, sitting on a balcony listening to birds wake up, wandering through a coffee plantation, skipping rocks in a stream, hiking Mbeya peak (including a not-so-brief moment of bushwhacking), carving my own chicken for dinner, attending birthday festivities for a person I’ve never met, and going hours at a time without so much of a glance at my phone [the result being a shortage of pictures, but I took a few good ones!].

Mbeya, see you again (hopefully soon)!

This trip was another great reminder to unplug and go #offthegrid, but also to let my travel adventures create themselves.

The motto of the weekend: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”



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