Dear World #5

Dear World,

I know that this letter is a day late, but I know you will forgive me for my grievances. 

I am so grateful for this past week. You rewarded me in so many ways; how can I ever thank you for your continuous generosity?

Thank you for paved roads. I am always grateful for all paths, paved or not, but I am particularly thankful for the paths in which the car just hums along, and I am able to sit back and dedicate my whole attention to my surroundings rather than the next bump. And so often here, a paved road leads to a path less traveled, and for that, I am also grateful. It's a fine balance. 

Thank you for this smiling face. I left work on Friday to start a great weekend, following a great week. These are the days and the smiles we should be eternally chasing. These are the smiles that power me through each and every day, and remind me that I am living exactly the life I imagined.

Thank you for Skype. This past week I have spent over 6 hours talking to some of my closest friends, chatting about life, catching up, and listening to silly songs and looking up silly things on Google. It reminded me that I am so lucky to be so loved, and that distance is often just a figment of our imaginations. And thank you to all of my friends who pencil in the time to talk to me - you're the best!

Finally, thank you for lily pads. It was so unexpected to see them here in Tanzania -- and I loved every second of happiness I felt in that revelation. I only wish those floating beauties were in bloom!


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