You Cannot Unwrap My Love

Hey World,

I came home today and saw that the guard at my house tried to unwrap my love. 


My guard was probably walking around the yard, and saw a snatch of color near the wall, under that shade tree. That little piece probably caught her eye, and made her think twice. She then probably saw an opportunity, and as the endorphins rushed to her brain, she tore at the ground. 

She probably couldn't believe what she found. This beautiful kanga, with some stains on it, there for the taking. She probably spent hours washing it, restoring it to its beautiful self. 

Then, she probably brought it to the tailor, where they made a skirt from it. She probably loved the pattern, which is why she brought it to work today, and hung it on the line to get dried by the sun.


 She probably doesn't know that we spent that afternoon reading and snuggling in the backyard, that kanga stacked among the rest we laid on. She probably doesn't know that it was my favorite kanga that I bought 4 years ago on my first trip to East Africa. She probably doesn't know that I don't have a single picture of you with it either, despite the many times you snuggled into it's polka dots and made yourself a nest for the night. She probably doesn't know how it became so loved, so soft to the touch. 

She probably doesn't know that as soon as I realized you were dead, I ran straight to this kanga and draped it over you. She probably doesn't know that it brought just a touch of comfort to me as the tears flowed to know that your body would never be separated from this love-worn swath of cloth. 

She probably doesn't know that seeing that kanga as her nice new skirt on the line immediately brought me to tears. 


She doesn't know its story. And she doesn't know ours. 

She may have unwrapped you -- I wish I protected your haven better. I hope your resting place is still comfortable. I hope you can forgive her. But she cannot unwrap the shroud of love I buried with you as well. 

One cannot unwrap my love for you. For that love is sacred, that love is special, and that love is sealed. It is intangible, it is immutable, and it is not for the taking. 

She shall not affect my feelings. Right now, I am angry and upset and sad and torn and remorseful. I wish I had the words to explain to her how thinking of you still makes me feel full and empty at the same time. I wish I knew how to say that she could have stolen any kanga in the world, just not that one. I wish I could say I forgive her, but right now I can't. 

But I will, one day I will. And I will wrap you again in my love, and try to protect you from a world that sometimes I just cannot make sense of.

 And as always,  I will forever carry you in my heart. 


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