I Knew You'd Come Back For Me

Hello World,

Back when I wrote "I love you, so go", I wasn't 100% sure if the subtle hints at but please please please come back for me! was clear enough. 

A few weeks later though, it was. It manifested itself in a delightfully shiny engagement ring, given to me on the top of a waterfall in a central Tanzanian rainforest.

Udzungwa Falls, TZ {September 5th, 2015}

But B still left. Maintaining a long distance relationship taught us the importance of being strong when letting our love go...but holding on to love tighter to make sure it comes back fully intact.

We communicated constantly through Gchat, Whatsapp, and Skype -- sending photos, text messages, and video calls. We also invested a lot of hard-earned dinero towards planning memorable trips where we could spend a lot of 'us' time each month to discuss the coming month, our future, the wedding, and just hang out! 

Here's a quick run through the past few months:

October: Chimp trekking & hiking in Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda 

November: Belated Thanksgiving in Zanzibar

December: Christmas/Engagement Parties in Texas & NY
Texas Party -- how beautiful is this Engagement Christmas tree?!
NY Party -- & another night to dress up!

February: Belated Valentines climbing Nyirangongo volcano in the DRC!

March: Running a 10K in Nyungwe Forest (back again!)

April: Central Eurotrip through Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria & Venice
Bratislava, waiting for the next train after realizing we were not in the time zone we thought we were.

After dozens of hours a week on the phone, multiple long-weekend visits in Zanzibar & Rwanda, and two two-week holidays in Europe & America, we had had enough. Nine months was TOO long!

Serendipitously, there was a job back where I work that would bring him back to where he left, where I was still, and where we could finish building what we had started, together. 

He applied. They chose him. He took it. He's back. 

There are so many paths, so many options that we can take which could change our lives forever. I am blessed that our rings (yes, he wears an engagement band too!) mean that from now on, we go together [yeah yeah yeah]. 

I told him to follow his heart. I'm so thankful he followed it...right back to where he left me. 

And so, building our life together in Iringa {with Bruce!} began. 


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