Why I'm Not Working Out Before My Wedding

Hey World,

If you google "bride" + "fitness" there are endless amounts of special 'bridal' workout plans to sculpt you into your best self before your wedding day. On TheKnot.com, creating a fitness plan is even part of your wedding to-do list! It's insane about how prevalent the conversation is, and it's even more insane how quickly your mind starts to buy into it.

For the past six months, I've kept telling myself "alright, next week I'm going to start". I kept feeling the pressure to jump onto the Bridal Workout Bandwagon. Where is my bridal workout plan? What needs toning? How many gallons of water do I need to drink daily to slim up? 

My kind of workout -- hammock swinging!
Time and time again I would set a date to get plan into action, actively resist doing anything remotely healthy all day, and end the night by getting into bed feeling both smug and sad. It took awhile to realize that I really didn't know what I was supposed to be doing.

Start not eating delicious meals or taking second helpings? 
Start drinking more water? 

It just didn't feel right.

The person my fiancé fell in love with is someone who vehemently doesn't work out, who always takes seconds, and is perpetually on the brink of dehydration (by my own accidental accord, I promise). Why should the person who walks down the aisle on September 17th be any different?

Actually dehydrated here, post-safari game drive last weekend.
Hug = proof he still loves me.
Of course, I want to be my best self on my wedding day.
But I also want to be my most authentic self when I say "I do" - and that requires, well, not doing a darn thing.

Sneak peek from our Send off party!

B - Thanks for loving me as I am. 


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