#BecomingTeamGrimes: Getting to the Right Continent

Hey World,

One of the challenges I posed to myself before we left Tanzania for our stateside wedding celebrations was to try and capture every single moment because I didn't want to forget a second. 

While I'll be sharing lots and lots of the wedding day & wedding receptions in the coming weeks and months, I also want to try and capture the memories sandwiched in between them (because I write to remember). 

So the first part of our journey was leaving our house and getting to New York...which sounded fairly straightforward (and we packed light bags!) however from start to finish, we were in transit for more than 36 hours. They were mainly spent chattering away with one another about things we may have forgotten before we padlocked our front door & wondering out loud (and loudly) if anyone could tell we were on our way to getting married.

Brady also managed to take a few hours at a cafe in Dar es Salaam and write his vows (I'm not going to brag...but I started back in March). I also managed to go over to his table only three times, and did NOT peek, even though I really really wanted to!

The picture we sent our friends and families....in the airport in Dar es Salaam at 3am -- ready to fly back to the United States!

An amazing rainbow ring around our plane's shadow -- I think it was a little good fortune following us home. 

It was also the first time we went through all of the immigration, customs and security lines together...as a family of two! I know it might sound crazy, but I loved it.  I've been traveling for almost eight years by myself around the globe and it's so nice to not have to answer all of the immigration questions by yourself (particularly since we work abroad...and in agriculture)! 

In Syracuse, we landed, collected our bags, and headed straight to the Sherwood Inn's Seafood Fest to see my mom, and get a little post-flight snack. Skaneateles factored heavily into the coming week, so there was really no better place to enjoy a couple of hours of sunshine before starting to unpack!


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