Off the Grid: Lake Placid, NY

Hey World,

Since this is very much a travel/exploration blog, I'm going to start a new section today that hat-tips from an older post when I went #offthegrid for a week and realized that happiness can be determined based solely by what's outside your window.

Therefore, my first post from Off the Grid will be from this past weekend when my mom and I headed to Lake Placid, NY (in the Adirondacks) for three days of celebration, exploration and serenity. The weekend was a lot of fun, and a lot of great memories were made.

However the most beautiful moments in the Adirondacks were those when I was either floored by the absolute beauty of my natural surroundings and was just able to stand there for a second and soak it all in, or when I found a tiny way to connect with the natural world for an instant (except the bee that followed me for a half mile...I didn't like connecting with him).

It was forging a path to see the stream from a better vantage point; it was hugging a tree that successfully grew on a giant boulder; it was noticing that it wasn't the only tree in the forest that defied the odds of being rooted in rock; it was finding a stream of cold spring water and sipping from that rather than a purchased bottle of water; or admiring the way the sun filtered through the leaves. It was realizing that all of these photos can hardly do the region justice.

Isn't this just the most stunning photo in the world? 
Obviously I had to give it a hug!

But it was in all of the moments documented above that reminded me just how much I love being on a path unpaved -- how calming it is to slow down and soak in the world that exists around me, and how frustrated I was to live so far away from the stunning outdoors (sorry NYC, but Central Park just doesn't cut it).

And then I got excited because in a week, I'll be moving somewhere I can do just that. 

What's the next time you'll be off the grid? Where will you go?


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