A Dose of Wedding Inspiration

Hey World,

Despite knowing I would always have a wedding to plan at some point, I came into this past year with truly NO idea on what kind of ambience I wanted to create on our wedding day.

Thanks to Pinterest, Southern Weddings, and a former Wedding Planner as a mom, I've been inspired from thousands of miles away for our NY reception! 

Because I want guests to be largely surprised, below are some images from my favorite weddings featured online which have inspired me. Disclaimer: I am making no promises for what September 17th is going to have in store {but it's going to be amazing}! 


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  1. So I see here that you got married the same day as Jeff & I!!! What a perfect day to chose! We celebrated 28 years this year, may you and your new husband share the same love and happiness as Jeff and I do:)