One Month To W-Day!

Hey World,

Our wedding is now ONE month from today! <3 

I cannot believe how quickly the past eleven months have gone by...while a lot of the 'big' decisions have been made for a long time now, we've been keeping busy with the small, easy, last-minute decisions to make sure the entire NY weekend is near-perfect. I can hardly believe there are SO many things to think about!

(Don't worry, I've been keeping close tabs on all of it, and will riddle you with posts about the entire wedding celebration month after it happens!)

To continue with the wedding inspiration I posted a few weeks ago,  I wanted to share some pre-wedding purchases I've been making to prepare for essentially two weeks of wedding festivities AND our honeymoon in Belize! 

Basically, I decided that nothing in my closet here in Iringa is good enough for this momentous month, and therefore, went on a massive online shopping spree for sundresses, jewelry, shoes and not-so-casual casual wear.

Here's a sneak peak of what's waiting for me in Upstate New York:

immediately snatched these up after my Big posted these on her fashion blog!
 Keds + Kate Spade + Glitter = SOLD. 

I am slowly moving back towards longer necklaces, and took the jump with this Akola necklace during a recent sale. PLUS the company supports artisans in Uganda & women in Dallas! 

We all know it: J Crew makes a mean chambray. 
Cannot wait to bring this back to TZ to wear to the office!

Small circular statement necklaces have been my go-to all year -- this one is no different :)

September might not feel like summer to most people, but Iringa is in its winter right now, and I can't WAIT to get in a sundress like this one!

I 100% feel this way every single day...
except on September 17th; then I'm sure to be up and at 'em! :)

Ummm, statement cocktail ring in wedding colors? I think YES! 

This is going to be the "I am so sunburned!" coverup for Belize until the aloe vera kicks in. 
Plus I bought Brady palm tree print swimtrunks so we match! (shhh...don't tell him)

PLUS about a million other purchases. I'm still on the hunt for swimsuits though, so if you know anywhere to buy a few fun mix&match pieces online for a decent price let me know!


PS: Wanna match? 
Sneakers  // Chambray Dress // Marble Necklace  // Long Necklace (it's still on sale!) // Floral Sundress // Palm Tree Longsleeve  // Nightdress  // Cocktail Ring

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