#ScenesFromCambodia Are Coming!

Hey World,

This weekend I'm off on an adventure, hosting one of my bestest friends in the world here in Tanzania, AND it's almost Thanksgiving week...so I figured this is a perfect time for another travel throwback!

Over 14 months ago, I took a solo trip to try and write my Masters thesis in Cambodia. Long story short, I didn't quite finish it...but I made a TON of headway, and I'm pretty proud of that. 

Because I was reading/writing for up to 12 hours a day, I balanced my academic moments with early morning adventures, sunset adventures, and good food (especially dinners!). Planning activities in the morning ensured I got out of bed, and motivated me to dive right into work when it was finished. 

Evenings out allowed me to catch up on any reading (or re-reading!) I needed to do, while enjoying a nice meal and a sunset view. On a couple of days, I worked in the morning and adventured around lunch, but in order to remain indoors during peak humidity, I avoided it most of the time!

Here was my itinerary:

Dar --> Addis --> Bangkok --> Siam Reap

...and that was just getting there! While I was in country, I spent my two weeks in:

Siam Reap + Tongle Sap (6 days) -->    Sihanoukville (2 days) 
  --> Kampot (5 days)  --> Phnom Penh (1 day) --> TRAVEL HOME

There are SO many amazing pictures that I want to share that I'll be splitting it into three posts:

- Scenes from Kampot & Phnom Penh

Check back in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for all of the pictures & captions! 


PS: On a totally unrelated note, Kim from So Many Places has started a really cool Yellow Envelope project for 100 people who want to be inspired and pay it forward with small acts of kindness. If you're interested, you can read about it here!  

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