#ScenesFromCambodia: Marisa's Disco Tuk Tuk Temple Tour

Hey World,

I know today's title is a bit of a mouthful, but I was so grateful for my tuk-tuk driver, who took me all from Siam Reap around Angkor Wat for two days, that I had to give him a special mention (he's also the last picture!).

Traveling alone was really difficult for me (remember Malawi?), and combined with the stress of writing my thesis, there were more than a few tears shed on most days. However, my time in the actual Angkor Wat complex was so breathtaking, and my driver so kind, that I closely held onto these cherished hours for the entire trip. 

Full disclosure: This photo is my favorite from the entire trip

Tomb Raider fans; this is for you.  

I wasn't lying when I said DISCO tuk tuk!

Mid-day hydration / energy break!

By the second day, I was asking all sorts of people to take my picture for me -- but this one is by far my favorite!

If you were looking for your next computer background, 'd be happy to email you the photo!

THIS GUY! After the first day, he bought an American flag for me. Too much!
After many years out of Southeast Asia, it was so amazing to be back to somewhere that feels familiar (even though I was experiencing it alone). While there are many more corners of the world I haven't explored, going back and tackling another SE Asian country like Vietnam or Malaysia is HIGH on the bucket list!

Want to see more from Cambodia? You can check out the intro here, or check back in again on Wednesday & Friday for more! 


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