December Goals (2016)

Hey World,

First of all, This is the 100th post on A Path Unpaved. November 2013 feels like a million moons ago - but I've enjoyed every step so far, and I hope you have too.

And now it's almost DECEMBER, and the end of 2016.
 Can you believe it? 

December Goals: 
1. Mail ALL of our Christmas/Holiday cards out (and the rest of our wedding TY cards...)
2. Reconnect with 5 friends to see how they are doing 
3. Change my name on my driver's license
4. Host my 3rd annual Christmas Cookie baking party in Iringa
5. Ask family & friends for book/reading recommendations 
6. Order 5 new books I'm excited about over Christmas 
7. Continue hosting weekly marriage meetings with Brady!

And November Goals, I didn't forget you! Here's how they panned out:

1. Select a wedding photo & template from Minted to use for our Christmas cards (and order!) It was too much fun checking out all of our options, but the shoe fit with one in particular right away! 
2. Host my best friend Kelsey & take LOTS of BFF pictures on our adventure to Victoria Falls Kelsey left two days ago, and I can't even begin to share how GREAT it was to have her here!
3. Organize and cook a small Thanksgiving Dinner here in Iringa (& co-plan a community one) Not yet! Some unexpected travel glitches has made me delay Friendsgiving, but should happen ASAP!
4. Attend a book sale / host a book swap to refresh my bookshelves Not quite done, but I've reserved a table at the Christmas Craft Fair in two weeks to hopefully tick this one off!
5. Buy our flights home for Christmas (and book NYE accommodation in Amsterdam!) Booked!
6. Send two "just because" cards & one postcard to a lucky few friends :) I mailed 6!
7. Finish reading three books!  I've read 6 books this month; and am halfway through two more. On fire!

What's on your to-do list this month? 


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