#ScenesFromCambodia: Kampot & Phnom Penh

Hey World,

Can you believe it's already the end of the week? November is almost coming to a close and Christmas is in ONE MONTH (!!!). I'm plugging along away at work, and preparing my team for close oversight of farmers as they begin to plant their maize for this season. I'm also counting down the days until I head home for Christmas break!

Anyways, it's also time to wrap up my #ScenesFromCambodia posts. 
(PS: If you missed the first two Cambodia photo posts, check them out here & here!).

I had heard great things about Kampot, but at this point in my trip, was less inclined to do anything adventurous as I really only wanted to eat, write and sleep. My day in Phnom Penh was devoid of writing until the late afternoon, and though I heard a lot about how not-friendly the city is, I had an incredible experience there! It was definitely worth shelling out money for a centrally-located hotel which allowed me to walk around quite a bit, or hop on a motorcycle taxi.   

Guys, this was my sunset view every night while in Kampot. I'd often be writing from 12-12pm, taking one long break for dinner, so it was refreshing to stop by and watch the sun go down for a few minutes before getting back to work!
This guy creeped on me writing my thesis one day. Too funny!

My digs in Kampot!

Thesis Fuel: hot tea!

No matter where I go, my job seems to follow me! 

When there is no hope to finish your paper, look for Cheetos. 

A bag -- filled mostly with books! They were both super heavy, but I managed to carry them around for two weeks with limited back issues :)

Welcome to the capital!

Raspberry smoothie break. 

I got a manicure at this awesome place, just in case someone asked a specific question in coming weeks....(my hunch was right!!!)

Well guys, thanks again for tagging along through my Cambodia trip! Upcoming throwbacks will focus on East Africa (Rwanda & DRC), and in the new year, we'll go back to Europe (Slovenia, Slovakia, Venice & Austria!). 


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