May Your Gratitude Flow Like Gravy!

Hey World,

Thanksgiving is arguably one of, if my, #1 holidays, because it has everything I love the most: family/friends in one place, a reason to eat gravy, votive candles, and a conversations about gratitude. This year I had some wrenches thrown in my original plan that has delayed the celebrating (to host over a dozen coworkers for dinner), but has not delayed my gratefulness on this holiday!

Take some time today, tonight or early tomorrow (depending on your gravy glow!) and give infinite thanks for the blessings in your life. You can bet I will be throwing gratitude to the wind all evening long*!


PS: If you want a fun exercise to track your thankfulness, fill out this simple yet chic Month of Gratitude sheet by Emily Ley! 
PPS: If you want to share some gratitude with others, Kim from So Many Places has a really cool Yellow Envelope project to pay it forward with small acts of kindness. If you're interested, you can read about it here! She's sending envelopes all over the globe -- I know you want in!

*And also eating stuffing as soon as I can. LOTS of stuffing! 
(but never too much stuffing as there's simply no such thing :)

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